Which XP?

A customer called with a problem regarding their Microsoft Office. They were having a problem with the only computer that could check the company e-mail account. A quick Google search turned up a known Microsoft issue (what else?). I dialed into their computer and started the Office updater. I explained very clearly that they would need the Microsoft Office XP disc to continue.

Not Office 2000. Not Office 2003. But Office XP. I got in the car to head to the next appointment and called to check in with the customer.

"Only 33 minutes left," they told me.

"Hmm, that''s a long time for a Service Pack," I told them.

"Yeah, but we can wait. It had a problem with tape drivers, though. Will that be an issue?" they asked.

My blood pressure rose. I shot back, "Wait. What disc did you load?"

"The only one that I could find that said XP on it."

The air conditioner was blasting in my car, but I broke out in a sweat. Seems the customer found an XP disc alright--an XP Windows disc--and proceeded to destroy the OS.

Bad Day In the Sales Dept?


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