Shut Me Down

The following is an actual phone conversation with a customer.

THE SETUP: A high-strung customer called freaked out that he could not drag an drop files into an e-mail. Okay, so the nerdy punchline is that he had clicked Attach File already and was trying to drag a folder from the Insert window to the e-mail, so of course it wasn't going to work. Meanwhile, the conversation was pretty priceless.

HIM: Can you tell me what's wrong with the computer? I can't drop-and-drag files into e-mail.

ME: Okay, let me get into your computer.

HIM: I can't believe this. Why is this happening?

ME: I'm looking at it now.

HIM: This will absolutely shut me down. Shut me down. If I can't attach files. Do you hear me?

ME: One second please. I think I see what's going on.

HIM: I don't know what to do.

ME: I've found the problem. Here, you were clicking attach instead of dragging from Exporer.

HIM: Well, the Insert button was off the screen. We need to talk about how to fix that.

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