In 1800, Jared Bates died.  His tombstone reads: "His widow aged 24 who mourns as one who can be comforted lives at 7 Elm Street this village and possesses every qualification for a good wife"1

Talk about making the most of an opportunity!

For a decade, I've been helping small- and medium-sized businesses leverage their IT resources to become more efficient and save time and money.  And now I'm being encouraged by customers and, well, the marketing people, to bring my expertise, success principles, computing ideas, and stories to a broader audience.

I think most blogs start out the same way; bloggers tell us how excited and scared they are to start writing as they lay out their intentions.  I laughed thinking about that.  And then I realized the truth of it.  So here goes.  I'm happy, and yes, a little scared to start bringing myself to the world wide web.  I don't think of myself as a writer, but the truth is, I'm reading and writing all day long.  And oh, the IT stories I can't wait to tell you!  So that's just it: I'll be bringing some clarity and hopefully some levity about the world of IT, business, and occasionally life.

We live in exciting times.  I look forward to making the most of this new opportunity with you, my reader.


1 Source: "Puritans Always Win," Spirit Magazine, April 2010

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