Internet For Dummies

The following conversation is repeated in some form or the other every week with a customer.

ME: Okay, please open Internet Explorer and go to

CUSTOMER: Okay. I entered that. Do I want the official site?

ME: No, enter that site in the address bar.

CUSTOMER: I did and it came up with a bunch of results.

ME: No, the address bar is at the top of Internet Explorer.

CUSTOMER: Oh. I don't have an Internet explorer, I have Yahoo.

ME: Do you see the bar at the very top of the program that says address? Put in that.

CUSTOMER: Oh. I'm there.

ME: Where?


ME: No,


ME: l-o-g-m-e-i-n-1-2-3-.-c-o-m.

CUSTOMER: Got it. What's the six digit pin code?

ME: 123456.


ME: Click download and then click run.

CUSTOMER: Okay I clicked run. Now it's asking if I want to save or run. What should I do?

ME: Is there an echo on the line? Who am I really talking to?

Where'd It Go?


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