How Many IT Guys Does It Take To Change a Lightbulb

Tonight I replaced the lightbulbs in my kitchen.  Sweating near the ceiling I was pondering all the good jokes about how many country western singers it takes to change those things.

Really, the little twist-in glass globes that we rely on so much to see are a perfect analogy for the IaaS model that Azzaron is bringing to small businesses all around the country.

When incandescent bulbs starting getting replaced by CFLs, I was not happy.  Things were fine the way they were, right?  And Compact Fluorescent Lamps were expensive, bad for the environment, and hard on your eyes.  I didn't want to change.  After all, for the first time in the history of the world, man would not get his light from a burning source.  There was just something wrong about it all.

But tonight I became a believer in a new technology.  I put in 20-year ultra-low-cost LED lights.  Wow!  Yeah, I spent a little extra, but it was worth it.  They look amazing, I won't have to get the ladder out for a very long time, and they cost about $2/year each to operate.  Why didn't I do this sooner?  Well, the easy answer is that this amazing technology has only recently become available.

Now think about your computer network.  There might be one or two computers on their way out, but you don't want to replace with the same old expensive, hard-to-maintain system.  What do you do next?  It's time for an upgrade.  It's time for new technology.

With a little investment in moving to Azzaron's Infrastructure as a Service, you reduce your company's consumption of power and natural resources, increase your serviceability and longevity, reduce your expenses, and look really cool doing it.  The new technology is here, it's inexpensive, and I promise you won't have to change your infrastructure every three years like your old light bulbs.

So while we can sit and debate the number of various types it takes to change lightbulbs, I will clearly let you know how many business people it takes to make a difference: one.  Yep, it's you.

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