CD-ROM 101

The following is an actual conversation with a customer:

ME: Okay, I can fix this issue, but first I'll need to to put the Microsoft Office CD in the drive.

HIM: I found the disk, but the comptuer is standing up. It won't go in.

ME: Find the little tabs and slip the disc in.

HIM: I can't. It just slides out.

ME: Just rest it in and press the button. It doesn't have to be perfectly centered.

HIM: I know. I've done this before. The disc is too big.

ME: Okay. Turn the computer on it's side so the CD-ROM drive is normal and put the disc in.

HIM: I did that. When I put the disc in and press the button, it just slides out. I'm telling you, it doesn't fit.

ME: Try this. Make sure the compuer is on it's side. Hold the disc at a five-degree angle. Lower the disc onto the tray, sliding it under the tabs until it lays flat.

HIM: I'm doing it over and over again.

ME: Have you removed the CD from the sleeve?

HIM: Come on. Of course. But it's too big.

ME: Is there someone there who can help you?

HIM: No.

ME: Let's try again.

HIM: It just doesn't work. Please send someone out.

(hang up)

(I call back)

ME: Is it possible you have the computer upside down?

HIM: No. I"m sure it's right.

ME: Let's try turning the computer over.

HIM: I'll be %#$#ed. It must have been the cleaning people.

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