Bad Day In the Sales Dept?

The following is an ACTUAL e-mail conversation between myself and a potential (well, not any more) vendor:

ME: "Looks pretty good. I do need to have a total of 12 36GB drives though (2 x 6) and 6 72GB drives (1x6). Can you please update?"

VENDOR: "Excellent I will get this to you shortly. Do you still need the Microsoft? :)"

ME: "Is there anyway to get this broken down by system? It's rather confusing to an end-user."

VENDOR: "This is our quoting system and there is no way to break down."

ME: "Also, I noticed there weren't any discounts applied except the base system. Just so you know, you are bidding against comparably equiped Dell P/E 1900 servers that are significantly discounted. We are not marking any of this equipment up; customer will be buying directly."

VENDOR: "I would not doubt the pricing from Dell. We are a manufacturer and it costs money to have factories and put people to work. I can go to the priciers but I will need the customer name address telephone number contact name and email in order to get pricing."

ME: "Then how come they don't come assembled?"

VENDOR: "Because you did not ask me to customize the server."

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