Did you say, “Outsource IT?”


Far be it from me to be known as the, “technology queen,” however; I have a decent amount of business savvy coupled with a passionate desire to save money while not comprising value.  Take my car for example.  Over the years, I have never been a ‘car owner’ per se’ rather a ‘care lessee.’  You see, I thoroughly enjoy having a “new” car every 4 years.  Not only does it feel great but I also get the latest gadgets, technology advances, and safety features and ‘usually’ never worry about a breakdown.  You see, I have very little competency on car maintenance or problematic issues of any kind relative to a car and how it all works and, quite honestly, no desire.  What I do know is this—I jump in my car, insert the key into the ignition, shift the gears, step on the gas, and GO - no worries.  My schedule is hectic and demanding at times and this is one less worry in my day.  If I were to purchase the car outright, the depreciation alone would make me dizzy and numb.  Sure, I’d own it after 5 or 6 years along with all the repairs that it will require to keep it running in tip top shape.

Guess what?  Our office technology is the same way.  Technological advances and changes are occurring everyday! In order to set-up your office, it’ll require an initial investment in hardware and software resources just to get started and that comes with a whopping price tag.  IT related costs are spiraling and users are constantly reporting frustrations with a slow network, access to the database and so forth. And, you invest all the money, time, and effort only to do it all again in another 4-5 years.  IT equipment can run you well into the thousands.  So what’s the option?  Lease your infrastructure with Cloud computing!  Hardware resources (such as storage) and computing power (CPU and memory) are offered as services to you.  This enables you to rent these resources rather than spending money to buy dedicated servers and networking equipment.    

Cloud computing is changing the way we do business, work, live or lives, and generally interact with data and services.

Stay tuned--next, I will be sharing ways to know if Cloud computing is right for your company.

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Just a Second

The following is an actual conversation with a consulting customer. Unfortunately, I'm sure this happens every day.

ME: Okay, I have access to the one computer, and I see what you're saying. I can't access the files on that other computer either. Can you please go over there and give me remote access to it.

THEM: Okay. Just a second. Let me go turn it on.

ME: (silent scream)

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What the ?!?!?!

Alright, so it's not OUR datacenter, but this is quite hilarious.

The Yellow Wall

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Jargon Smargon - Part II

So, we left off last week talking about the odd and offensive computer lingo in the Information Technology world.  Let’s see, what is a thin, dumb, and fat client?”  I am going to share the differences but first, I must share a couple true stories…

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Jargon Smargon

The technology world changes faster than my failing eyes, and yes, my eyesight seems to change every 6 months or so! And even more disturbing is the computer jargon used to describe the equipment and processes.  For example, why do we have thin clients and thick clients?  That’s offensive!  So over the next few weeks, I’m going to share my stories and honest take on this technology madness as I like to call it.  And for a little irony, guess what field I work in today?  That’s right, the Information Technology field!

Speaking of thin clients, I still recall one of the first computers I used in business working for one of the largest banks in the country.  The IT guys would refer to it as a “dumb terminal,” odd really because I thought this gadget was incredibly smart.  After all, it had a built in phone with a hand receiver intact, now that’s not dumb, right? I could make calls all day long using my special computer phone.  Oh, and I’ll never forget the pretty black and green colors.  Mine had an all black background with a glowing green font color like plutonium that you see in the Superman movies- yes, my screen always glowed.   I was so impressed with this computer, so much better than my electric typewriter I had grown accustomed to.  And who could forget those dot matrix printers?  There’s a print head that prints by impact, striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against paper.  Okay, a little loud and clunky but very effective for more than just printing.  For example, whenever I was feeling down and needed a confidence booster, I’d wait to hit the print button until an important client would call.  They would hear the printer keys diligently working away and almost always comment, “Ma’am, you are so efficient and type incredibly fast!”  And so it goes, one of the best strategies back in the day was to jot down a note to your manager sharing the positive client feedback specific to being ‘efficient and fast,’ especially beneficial around annual salary planning.   Yes, I looked forward to those raises and bonus checks.

And speaking about the terminology to describe a thin (dumb terminal) and thick client I mentioned earlier, that’s another whole irritating topic to discuss.  Thanks for reading and hope to see you back soon to continue this conversation…

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Corn on the cob

The following is an e-mail conversation with a customer:

CUSTOMER: Just another note: this server crashes all the time. It’s very unstable. I’ll be working and it’ll just go down and this happens a lot.

ME: There’s a new kernel. I’ll reboot it right now. I haven’t gotten any other reports, but I will put a monitor on it…

CUSTOMER: I don’t know what the association with corn is but if it helps then that’s a good thing. ;o)

ME: Hehe. The kernel is the core of any operating system…

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In 1800, Jared Bates died.  His tombstone reads: "His widow aged 24 who mourns as one who can be comforted lives at 7 Elm Street this village and possesses every qualification for a good wife"1

Talk about making the most of an opportunity!

For a decade, I've been helping small- and medium-sized businesses leverage their IT resources to become more efficient and save time and money.  And now I'm being encouraged by customers and, well, the marketing people, to bring my expertise, success principles, computing ideas, and stories to a broader audience.

I think most blogs start out the same way; bloggers tell us how excited and scared they are to start writing as they lay out their intentions.  I laughed thinking about that.  And then I realized the truth of it.  So here goes.  I'm happy, and yes, a little scared to start bringing myself to the world wide web.  I don't think of myself as a writer, but the truth is, I'm reading and writing all day long.  And oh, the IT stories I can't wait to tell you!  So that's just it: I'll be bringing some clarity and hopefully some levity about the world of IT, business, and occasionally life.

We live in exciting times.  I look forward to making the most of this new opportunity with you, my reader.

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